Food Allergy Information

Teen Allergy Lounge

The Allergy Lounge is for teens (12-16yr) with food allergy. Teens have an opportunity to meet other teens and discuss food allergy topics, ask questions and learn from peers as well as our educators. An allergy educator together with a teen leader help to engage other teens to learn about their
food allergies using activities and discussion. Teens who attend have a chance to win a $25 movie pass. Teens can bring a friend, friend does not have to have food allergy.

The next Teen Allergy Lounge is on Wednesday, May 1st, 2019 from 6:30 – 8:00 pm.

Food Allergy Education for Parents Families need information, tools, skills and support to manage their child’s food allergy. When a child is first diagnosed with food allergies, families can feel overwhelmed. The goal of the Family Food Allergy Education Program is to help families begin to find a balance between risks and safety measures so their child can lead a healthy life. Click here for upcoming Food Allergy Education Sessions for Parents.

School Age Food Allergy Education

School age children and their families need information, tools, skills and support to manage their food allergy. A small group of parents and children meet once a week for 2 weeks with Allergy Nurse Educators. The children and parents meet separately.  Although the topics for each group are similar the children will learn through games and activities. The goal of the School Age Food Allergy Education Program is to help school age children as they become more independent in managing their food allergy. The aim is also to provide caregivers with ideas on how to support and educate their school age child through this process.

Click here for upcoming S.A.F.E classes.