Congratulations Isaac


The Children’s Allergy and Asthma Education Centre says Congratulations and Great Job Isaac! Isaac is 7 years old and has a food allergy. One day, Isaac started having a reaction at school. His mouth was swollen, itchy and he had trouble breathing. Isaac told his teachers and with supervision he gave himself his EpiPen! He said the medicine worked fast and his symptoms improved. Isaac said the EpiPen did hurt a little and the next day his leg felt sore.

Isaac did the right thing. When you have a food allergy you are at risk for anaphylaxis and symptoms can get worse very quickly. When a reaction starts – Treat it with your epinephrine auto-injector!

Want to learn more about managing food allergy? We offer classes for parents of children under 7 years with severe food allergy and classes for School age children ages 7-11 years and their parents.

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