Asthma Action Plan


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  • An asthma action plan may also be called an asthma management plan.
  • It is a written plan made with the help of your doctor.
  • It tells you what to do and what medicine to use when the asthma is under control.
  • It tells you what to do at the first sign or clue that the asthma is starting to change.
  • If you follow the plan and respond early, you may prevent more severe problems.
  • It will tell you when to call your doctor or when to go to the Emergency Department.
  • The school, daycare or babysitter should know about your child's asthma and the action plan.
  • Review the action plan with your doctor at least twice a year and more often if needed.
  • The action plan is not working if your child is often in the yellow level or goes into the red level.

Asthma Action Plan 2014