The Diskus

How to use the Diskus®


 1. Open: hold the outer case in one hand and put the thumb of the other hand on the    thumb grip.

 2. Push the thumb as far as it will go until a "click" is heard.

 3. Slide: Slide the lever away as far as it will go until a click is heard.

 4. Hold the Diskus® inhaler away from the mouth and exhale completely.

 5. With the mouthpiece to the lips, inhale quickly and deeply through the Diskus®  inhaler.

 6. Remove the Diskus® inhaler.

 7. Hold your breath for about 10 seconds, then breathe out slowly.

 8. Close: Slide the thumb grip as far as it will go until a click is heard. The lever is  automatically reset for the next dose.


Care of a Diskus®

1. Store the device in a dry place, not in a damp environment (i.e. bathroom).

 2. Diskus® is to be closed when not in use; only slide open when ready to take dose.

 3. Diskus® is to be kept away from direct frost, heat or sunlight and from high temperatures (above 30°C).


Cue Words

 1. OPEN the Diskus®.

 2. SLIDE the lever to the "click".

 3. EXHALE, then seal lips around the mouthpiece.

 4. INHALE quickly and deeply.

 5. BREATH HOLD for 10 sec.

 6. CLOSE the Diskus®

 7. For second dose, repeat steps 1 to 6.



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