The Peak Flow Meter

How to use the Peak Flow Meter

 1. Stand up straight.

 2. Place the pointer at zero.

 3. Hold the meter with fingers out of the way of the pointer's movement.

 4. Take in a deep breath.

 5. Seal your lips tightly around the mouthpiece (keep tongue and teeth out of  the way).

 6. Blow out hard and fast. Do not cough into the meter.

 7. Repeat 3 times and record the best reading.

 8. Use first thing in the morning and before bed. Always use before medicine, unless  given other advice.

 9. Clean as instructed by the manufacturer.


Cue Words

 1. Stand Straight

 2. Move Pointer to Zero

 3. Take Deep Breath

 4. Seal Lips Around Mouthpiece

 5. Blast Out Short & Sharp