A Nose Spray

How to use a Nose Spray

 1. Gently blow nose if possible.

 2. Shake nose spray.

 3. Remove nose spray cap.

 4. Place your thumb under the bottle and two fingers firmly on either side of the  nozzle.

 5. When first using a new bottle or if not used for a week press the top down 2-3  times until it sprays a fine mist.

 6. Keep head level.

 7. Plug off one nostril and close your mouth.

 8. Place spray nozzle in other nostril. Aim nozzle towards the outer corner of the eye  on side being sprayed.

 9. Press fingers and thumb together firmly and quickly. Gently breathe in spray.

 10. Repeat steps 6 through 9 for other nostril.

 11. If using 2 sprays in each nostril do one in each side and then repeat.

 12. Avoid blowing nose for 15 minutes.


Cue Words

 1. Blow nose.

 2. Shake spray.

 3. Remove cap.

 4. Plug nostril.

 5. Place in nostril.

 6. Aim nozzle.

 7. Press firmly and breathe.


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