Twinject™ Auto-Injector

How to use your Twinject Auto-Injector

1. Grip Twinject™ in your fist.

2. Pull off the Green cap marked 1.

3.  Pull off Green cap marked 2.

4. Place Red tip against mid outer thigh. See the diagram for the marked area on       either leg.

5. Press down firmly until it injects.

6. Hold in place for a slow count of 10.

7. Remove Twinject™ and go to the nearest hospital.

8. Prepare second dose according to instructions and use on the way, if needed.

Note: The Twinject™ does contain a second dose of epinephrine that can be used as necessary. For further information speak to your doctor, educator or pharmacist or see the Twinject™ website at


 Cue Words

 1.  Grip in fist.

2.  Pull off green cap marked 1.

3.  Pull off green cap marked 2.

4.  Place red tip against leg.

5.  Push firmly.

6.  Hold for 10 seconds.

7.  Go to hospital.


How to use Twinject

Click to view a demonstration video


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