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The Provincial Outreach Asthma Program assists Manitoba Regional Health Authorities (RHAs) and health care professionals, in making effective, timely, and up to date asthma education accessible to children with asthma and their families in all areas of the province.

The Provincial Outreach Asthma Coordinator is available to support health care professionals, and to consult with RHA representatives as they work to establish asthma education resources in rural, northern, and First Nations communites in Manitoba.  

Resources are available for training health care professionals to deliver asthma education in a variety of settings (including clinics, schools, nursing stations, First Nations communities).

Continuing Education Sessions for heathcare professionals focusing on pediatric asthma are available through MBTelehealth.  


Phone: (204)787-2551

Toll Free in Manitoba: 1-888-554-1141

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Outreach News



Asthma Education in Schools -

The "Roaring Adventures of Puff" (RAP) asthma education program, designed by the Alberta Asthma Centre, is an interactive, fun filled, small group education program for children with asthma. RAP has been provided to over 30 elementary schools in Winnipeg and rural Manitoba since 2008.  It has been run in five 1 hour sessions once per week over 5 weeks but the program is flexible. RAP has shown to have significant and clinically relevant benefits for children, families and schools. Healthcare professionals in rural, northern and First Nations communities can be trained to deliver the program locally.    

  • RAP significantly reduced the number of missed school days for children with asthma (p<0.05)

days absent
  • RAP significantly improved the quality of life for children and their parents (p<0.001) 


Asthma Education in First Nations Communities

RAP can be run in a variety of settings and in different formats. The orignal program has been adapted to make it more relevant for First Nations populations.  Click here to view a modified children's resource. 

For further information including curriculum, activities and training contact the Children's Allergy & Asthma Education Centre.

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Asthma Education in Outreach Regions

RHA map

Winnipeg/Churchill RHA:

  • The Primary Care Nurse at the medical clinic in Churchill provides asthma education to children as requested by the physican or parents.

Interlake/Eastern RHA:

  • Healthcare professionals in some First Nations communities are working to deliver asthma education in schools in their communities. 
  • A CAE in Beausejour is offering asthma education to local families.  

Northern RHA:

  • Asthma Eduation is provided to children and adults at The Pas Health Care Complex and in Flin Flon by a pharmacist/CAE who also acts as a resource to the community.
  • A Respiratory Therapist in Flin Flon Hospital is also available to provide asthma education in the region.
  • A Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT) and a Nurse Practitioner in the Northern Respiratory Clinic at the Thompson General Hospital provide pediatric and adult asthma education.

Southern RHA:

  • A pharmacist/CAE at the Portage District General Hospital in Portage La Prairie provides asthma education to adults and children.

Prairie Mountain RHA:

  • A pharmacist/CAE in Dauphin and Winnipegosis is providing asthma education to children and adults in local pharmacies. 
  • Individual teaching by an asthma educator is being conducted during clinic visits in the pediatric asthma clinic in Brandon.
  • The Community Health Nurse at the Waywayseecappo Health Centre offers 1:1 asthma eduaction in the clinic
  • 1:1 education is also provided in other communities

To contact heathcare professionals in the above regions call us at (204) 787-2551 or email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it




The Children's Allergy & Asthma Education Centre in collaboration with the Alberta Asthma Centre

Central lung represented tree depicts children with asthma playing and supported by communityEnlisting Provincial Departments of Health and Education to Adopt a School-Integrated, Collaborative Model for Children with Asthma: A Knowledge Translation Plan


Vision:   Health and school decision makers will fund and resource access to supports, education and resources for  elementary students with asthma that will optimize quality of life resulting from well controlled asthma, and knowledgeable and coordinated family, social, school and health supports.


Mission:  Enlist Health and Education to adopt a single, school-integrated, collaborative model for children with asthma.


Goals:   Employing tested KT strategies, engage decision makers and stakeholders in a process to:


  • convey evidence of the needs, resources and strategies to assist students with asthma;
  • further develop the evidence-informed PRESS model with informed input from across Canada; and
  • challenge and invite decision makers to take action towards the vision.


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Asthma Control, Pieces to the Puzzle DVD

Asthma Control, Pieces to the Puzzle DVD is an asthma teaching tool, developed by the CAAEC to help familes better understand asthma and its managment!!. A section on "How to use your Inhaler" displays correct inhaler techniques using various delivery devices.

To obtain a copy, please contact:

The CAAEC at (204)787-2551 or 1-888-554-1141

Email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it